Track Services

Track Services

At Dr Drapes we strive to deliver all the curtain and drape services that our customers will ever need. Since opening our doors all the way back in 1983 we have delivered the best cleaning solutions to homes across Melbourne’s metropolitan area, giving homeowners the best value for their money and extending the life of their curtains and drapes.

Committed to delivering a service unlike any other Dr Drapes is passionate about ticking all the right boxes for our valued customers. While we specialise in thoroughly cleaning and refreshing all types and sizes of curtains and drapes from our modern and cutting-edge plant, we have the skills and the qualifications to improve your home’s ability to safely support your curtains or drapes of choice.

Able to install or repair tracks and rails, Dr Drapes can prevent the systems that support curtains or drapes from being damaged or ripped out of the walls or ceiling. Our advanced and modern approach saves you time and money in repairing your curtains, giving you a service you can trust to get back on track.

To find out more about the benefits of securing our renowned and reliable services call us on 03 9743 0930 or on 1300 652 866.

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