Drapery Cleaning Services

Drapery Cleaning Services
  • Professional Dry Cleaning of Drapes, Curtains, Austrians, Sheers, Valances and matching Bedding and Cushions.
  • Professional upholstery cleaning of Swags & Tails, Pelmets, Roman and Bonded blinds.
  • Drapery cleaning services
  • Curtain cleaning service
  • Dry cleaning curtains
  • Mould treatment to existing linings.
  • Re-lining of Curtains and Drapes.
  • Track repairs, service or replacement if necessary. All new tracks provided by Dr. Drape’s Curtain Clinic. We provide the best service for cleaning drapes in Melbourne.


We take down the drapes, remove the hooks and the plastic shanks holding the lining to the face fabric to ensure that the fabrics separate to enable the solvent to clean every inch, back, front and centre of your drapes. No more dust, bugs or excrement from flys, spiders and so on. We spot clean the stains both before and after dry cleaning to ensure best results.

Once dry cleaning is completed the hooks are put back in and the curtains are then hung to drop and air followed by steaming and check measure to ensure no shrinkage, we then insert new shanks to hold the lining and face fabric together. The drapes are then fan folded (this is how your drapes were delivered when new)and bagged ready for either storage or delivery to your home and hung back on your windows.

Curtain and Drape Cleaning Services

Curtain and Drape Cleaning Services

Here at Dr Drapes we aim to provide the highest quality curtain cleaning service in Melbourne. We can provide every service you require from Take down, Dry clean and rehang to Track servicing and repairs, installation, new tracks, blinds and so on. When products are taken down prior to our collection we are unable to do the required inspection to advise on possible repairs that may be required. We can fix all your repair issues but these are NOT included in the Pick up, Dry clean and Rehang price quoted. Our Dr Drapes Technician will be more than happy to attend your issues at a time that suits all but as it may be unforeseen there may be the need to make a service call appointment.

For enjoying expert drape cleaning services in Melbourne, our expert cleaners at Dr Drapes Curtain Clinic are the ones you need to contact!

Drapery cleaning requires extreme care and we have the requisite experience, equipment and the knowledge to be mindful of even the most minute detail to make sure our services are up-to your expectations.

We have been successfully providing top quality drape cleaning services across Melbourne since 1983 and have gained a solid reputation as a trust-worthy and reliable service provider. Our fine procedures and excellent results have allowed us to penetrate the market and make a strong foothold for ourselves.

We feel that it is our responsibility to conduct a thorough inspection of your drapery before bringing it to our facilities for cleaning. During our inspection prior to drapery cleaning, we normally observe the following:
  • Take accurate measurements of the length and width to avoid any misunderstandings concerning shrinkage of your drapery after cleaning;
  • Note down any damages to the fabric of the drapery including stains and defects;
  • Discuss any special care requirements you want us to observe or any that are mentioned on the label;
  • Take note of the tassles or tie backs that are accompanied by the drapery;
  • Point out any risks associated with particular types of materials;
  • Agree on the cost of drapery cleaning.

Our excellent finishing of drape cleaning has won the hearts of many customers that we have served across Melbourne. We make sure to customize our finishing which includes ironing and proper setting of the lining. We believe that without a proper ironing job and finishing services, drapery cleaning remains incomplete! We even offer free deodorizing services to make our customers’ experience even more pleasant!

So for an exceptional drape cleaning experience, contact us at Dr. Drapes Curtain Clinic and we will pick up your drapery from anywhere in Melbourne!


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