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Can you clean our curtains where they hang?

No. We are Professional Dry Cleaners, our plant is purpose built specifically fitted out for the cleaning of curtains and drapes. Equipment used in the professional dry cleaning process is not portable.

Can you recommend some-one that can do what you do in my home?

No. Put simply it is not physically possible. The type of service that is available for in-home cleaning is not comparable to Professional Dry Cleaning. In some instances chemicals are used that are loosely classified as dry cleaning chemicals, but are definitely not the same and can not produce the professional results. (e.g. may not remove most stains, do not clean in between fabric and lining or behind your curtains).

Are my curtains likely to shrink?

By law all professionally made curtains and drapes must have a cleaning label attached which indicates a possible shrinkage of 3% when cleaned. Our unique system enables us to maintain the stability of fabric in almost every instance, therefore, the risk of shrinkage is minimal.

How often should I clean my curtains?

To maintain a healthy environment cleaning of drapes is recommended every five years, servicing of tracks should be carried out at this time (sooner in high traffic areas or when wood heaters are used).

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