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Mould Treatment

In recent years, we have personally witnessed an alarming increase in mould build up throughout Melbourne. For the most part, this mould appears in the linings of drapes and curtains of bedrooms. If this mould is left alone, it can quickly become an unhealthy environment for sleep.

Our blind mould removal will completely clear out and restore your block out linings. We separate the lining from the face fabric before removing the mould with chemicals. Finally, we carry out a deep dry clean and return the drapes looking new and smelling fresh.

While your drapes are away being cleaned, we recommend that you treat the window and its surrounds with white vinegar (80%) and water (20%). This should kill the mould spores and prevent mould from reappearing in the future.

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Curtain Mould Removal for Melbourne Homes and Businesses

Affecting the look, quality and smell of your once pristine drapes, mould and mildew are something that no one wants or needs. Luckily, mould can be treated and removed. At Dr. Drapes, we offer a thorough curtain mould removal service that not only treats the immediate issue, but also restores the overall quality and aroma of your curtains.

While we are treating your blinds off site, we highly recommend that you apply white vinegar and water to the nearby windows to ensure that mould won’t resurface. Whether you need mould treatment for shower curtains, bedroom curtains or commercial curtains, we can bring them back to life!

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Blind Mould Removal and Treatment in Melbourne – What Sets Our Service Apart?

At the Dr. Drapes Curtain Clinic, our services go well beyond a simple vacuum and steam clean. From blind mould removal to curtain mould removal, we apply a thorough deep dry clean for long-lasting results.

Operating throughout Melbourne, our professional blind and curtain service delivers long term solutions for residential and commercial settings. We’ll pick-up, dry clean and rehang your curtains with minimal disruption to your day-to-day routine.

Call 1300 652 866 now to arrange a blind mould removal service today!

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