Dry Cleaning Curtains

Dry Cleaning Curtains

Welcome to Dr Drapes Curtain Clinic, your experts in dry cleaning curtains so your windows are covered with freshness and glee!

When you get new curtains, their newness, their shine and elegance, in the way they cover your windows, is what captures your eyes and heart and what adds beauty to the room they occupy. As time passes by, they may gather dust, and start to look dull and boring. Curtain dry cleaning is more than removing the dust from your curtains; it is about injecting life back in your curtains and making them look as good as they did when they were new!

Dr. Drapes Curtain Clinic has been reviving curtains since 1983 and doing a good job at it too! Our process of curtain dry cleaning entails more than just cleaning and hanging back. We understand the time and effort you had put-in for selecting just the right window coverings for your home or office; the process of careful selection of material, colour, design and pattern. Dry cleaning curtainsrequires a similar kind of effort; it requires a lot of care and attention to detail and to the fabric; so that once those curtains are back on their railing or rods, they shine and sparkle, and look elegant just as they did the first time they covered your windows.

Your curtains play a major role in enhancing the functionality and the aesthetic beauty of the room they occupy. They:
  • Provide you the required level of privacy;
  • Help in creating a comfortable atmosphere inside your room by blocking out the sun during summer and the cold during winter;
  • Create a visual appeal of your room and increase its beauty;
  • Cover your windows in style and bring a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Increased exposure to dust can make your curtains look dull. Curtain care is an important element if you want to continue enjoying the benefits associated with them. Even though you know that curtains that are regularly cleaned will last with you for a longer period of time; complications in handling the delicate fabric of the curtain, the hassle of taking them off and re-hanging them, the fear of damaging them or the rods during the process, the process of creating crease lines accurately are reasons that can make you ignore curtain care. But we, at Dr Drapes Curtain Clinic, are just the curtain caretakers you need to contact to take this seemingly daunting task from your hands and execute it professionally. Our services of dry cleaning curtains are sure to satisfy your expectations. All you have to do is pick up your phone and request a quote for your job of curtain dry cleaning! We even provide free deodorising services! We can fix all your repair issues but these are NOT included in the Pick up, Dry clean and Rehang price quoted. Our Dr Drapes Technician will be more than happy to attend your issues at a time that suits all but as it may be unforeseen there may be the need to make a service call appointment.

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