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Roman Blind Cleaning

Worn out roman blinds? We apply a deep clean to revamp and revitalise your blinds. Using a thorough dry cleaning process, the Dr. Drapes professionals can remove even the most stubborn stains from roman, sheer, Bonded and Holland blinds. At the core, our service offers more than just a quick fix. We attack the heart of dirt, grime and stains to produce a pristine result for all clients.

Often at no fault of your own, the state of your blinds may naturally deteriorate over time. Unfortunately, dirt, grime, stains and insect excrement can dramatically lower the quality of their appearance. From businesses to homes and public settings, Dr. Drapes will quickly identify the root issue, then conduct a thorough dry-clean and restore your blinds to as good as new.

To arrange a roman blind cleaning service in Melbourne, get in touch with us as soon possible.

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Specialised Blind Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Dr. Drapes are Melbourne’s only true service provider of dry cleaning for roman blinds. With years of professional blind cleaning experience on hand, we understand all that’s required to revitalise roman blinds. Our staff conduct a careful and thorough process for all jobs, ensuring that no blades or panels are damaged during cleaning.

Each Dr. Drapes service covers the removal, cleaning and re-fitting of the blinds at your property. This service can be carried out for Roman and various other types of blinds. Regardless of the style, our qualified staff are always ready to lend a hand.

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Venetian & Vertical Blind Cleaning

Want to revitalise your blinds? Through our professional venetian blinds cleaning service, we offer far more than a quick fix. Covering both residential and commercial settings, we apply a deep clean for long-lasting results. The experienced DR. Drapes team are well-equipped to handle fabric and vinyl based venetian blinds, making sure that no blades or panels are damaged during cleaning.

Our venetian and vertical blind cleaning service begins with the careful removal of the blinds in question. Then, a deep dry clean is applied and your blinds are aired out for an extended period. Following this phase, we rehang your spotless, stain-free venetian or vertical blinds back to their original location.

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