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Since 1983 the expert team at Dr Drapes have been delivering exceptional services to homeowners across Melbourne, bringing their aged curtains back to life with our innovative and restorative approach and solutions.

Passionate and professional, our qualified and experienced team treat all of the curtains we clean with the highest levels of care and respect. Completely removing your curtain from where it is hanging we will thoroughly clean the fabric, removing built-up dust, dirt, and other contaminants with ease and efficiency.

From our modern and clean plant we will use advanced equipment, combined with low-impact cleaning solutions, to rejuvenate and refresh curtains and drapes without wasting our customer’s time and money. To keep your curtains in the best condition possible the experts at Dr Drapes recommend getting them professionally cleaned every five years, although this period may need to be shortened based on exposure to smoke and ash from fireplaces and other environmental factors.

At Dr Drapes we endeavour to deliver the highest quality service for the best price. Make the right choice for your home’s curtains and drapes by giving our friendly and helpful team a call today on 03 9743 0930 or on 1300 652 866.

About us
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Dr. Drape’s Curtain Clinic operates as Professional Dry Cleaners of Curtains and Drapes and is proud to be Members of Soft Furnishing Industry of Australia. The plant is based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne and has a fleet that services the entire Melbourne and Metropolitan area, which also extends to some Rural areas of Victoria.

With a combined industry experience of over 70 years Dr. Drape’s staff is equipped to handle almost any situation regarding the maintenance of curtains and drapes. We take great pride in providing an outstanding service to our clients. The business has grown and thrived as a result of our dedication to detail and customer service.

Dr. Drape’s boasts a purpose built plant specifically fitted out for the cleaning of curtains and drapes, dedicating years of maintaining a consistency in our standards always striving to improve our finished product, we leave the cleaning of suits to your local dry cleaner.

In-home cleaning is not comparable to Professional Dry Cleaning, in some instances chemicals are used that are loosely classified as dry cleaning chemicals, but are definitely not the same and can not produce the professional results that Dr. Drapes can.

"Bringing Your Curtains Back To Life!"

1300 652 866


1300 652 866

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