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As perhaps the only drape cleaning specialists and retailers in existence, we are able to provide the best solution and advice for a window treatment and any options for consideration.

Dr Drapes provide the best drapes & curtains cleaning service in entire Melbourne. Regardless of the home’s interior design – whether of modern or traditional makeup – you can definitely find draperies that can complement the beauty of your home. As a matter of fact, many homeowners take advantage of these decorative implements to further augment the style presented through the home’s internal layout. Unfortunately, sooner or later, it will lose its touch due to the inevitability of gathering dirt from various contaminants, including you. In this case, you would need the service of professional curtain cleaning in Victoria. If you are worried because you do not know the proper handling of cleaning them, then you should definitely get in touch with the service providers of cleaning drapes in Melbourne.Dr Drapes are highly regarded as one of the few, or even perhaps the only, specialists in cleaning drapes in Melbourne. By specialists we mean that we are knowledgeable of everything that there needs to be known about caring for draping materials. With that knowledge we are able to apply the most thorough cleaning method. More importantly, we get everything done directly from the pickup to the dry cleaning and rehanging. We are practically the most efficient and comprehensive service for draperies and curtains cleaning in Melbourne.

Draperies are quite delicate and can easily tear with a poorly-executed cleaning process. However, that does not mean that you need to give up on bringing your drapes back to their once fresh and clean state, especially with the help of the most proficient experts of drapery and curtain cleaning in Melbourne. In addition, we also have repair services for your draperies as sometimes you end up with some infuriating slip ups. For that, we can give you the opportunity to save your cherished drapery.

Here at DR Drapes, we know how to take on any filth that your drapery might sustain. One of our more advanced operations is mould treatment. Moulds are commonly seen developing on curtains and as the best service provider of dry cleaning of curtains, we know full well how to handle this problem. In addition, we know that cleaning the drapes can only go so far without instilling a soothing fragrance. This is why we also conduct deodorizing treatments. This way, your drapes do not only look fresh but also smells just as renewed.

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Dr. Drape's Curtain Clinic has built its good reputation on providing a prompt service that best meets customer needs across the board.
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Mobile Blind Cleaning for Albert Park Locals

Looking for professional blind cleaning in the Albert Park area? Dr. Drapes Curtain Clinic deliver a deep clean for long-lasting results. Beyond a simple vacuum and steam, we apply a thorough dry cleaning process to completely remove any lingering dirt, stains, mould and grime. Our one-of-a-kind service covers Venetian, vertical and roman blinds, alongside many other variations and styles.

The all in one Dr. Drapes process covers pick-up, dry cleaning and rehanging. As this process generally takes an average of 5 days, we can happily provide emergency blinds or window coverings for your property.

Curtain Dry Cleaning in the Albert Park Area

Unfortunately, DIY home curtain cleaning products will only get you so far. While the immediate issue may be masked, stains and grime can quickly resurface down the line. For a deep clean that provides long-lasting results, get in touch with Dr. Drapes for professional curtain cleaning in Albert Park.

Available to all homes and businesses in the local area, our unique service involves a thorough dry cleaning service to attack the source of the issue. In addition, our staff carefully remove your curtains and once cleaning is finalised, rehang them back at their original location.

Curtain Mould Removal and Treatment in Albert Park

Noticed a gradual build-up of mould? Professional curtain mould removal is the most effective method to restore your furnishings and drapes. Mould and mildew can not only result in permanent stains, but also poses a serious health risk. The longer you wait, the worse these problems will become.

To get on top of this issue in a timely manner, get in touch with the Dr. Drapes Curtain Clinic today. Our renowned curtain mould removal covers Albert Park homes and businesses, provided to you at affordable and competitive prices. Through a deep dry clean, we’ll remove mould for good.

Contact our staff now for further details!

Drape Cleaning and Refurbishment in Albert Park

At Dr. Drapes, we provide much more than a quick fix. Rather than masking stains, mould, dirt and grime, our drape cleaning service for Albert Park locals involves a deep and thorough dry clean. This delicate process both revitalises your drapes whilst ensuring that no shrinkage or damage occurs.

From start to finish, our service takes an average of 5 days. This means that we can pick up your drapes on Monday and have them back to you on Friday. To arrange drape cleaning in Albert Park, contact our experienced team today!

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