Curtain & Drapery Maintenance

Apart from our blinds cleaning services, we can offer to do repairs whilst cleaning is underway. Our experts are able to repair your defective blinds with their extensive knowledge of their mechanisms.  With our help, you are guaranteed that we can determine what the problem is and apply the necessary repairs. From fixing the chain drives to replacing broken rings and re-stringing, we know how approach these aspects accordingly.

As a passionate homeowner, you would always want to make sure that every part of your home is in pristine shape. After all, what is the point in having a beautiful home if you do not even put enough effort in keeping it neat and clean? Naturally, your blinds will be one of the primary places where dirt can easily gather. Being exposed to outdoor dusts from time to time, you will instinctively expect it to accumulate dirt no more than a couple of weeks after you have installed it. Fortunately, Dr Drapes blinds cleaning services are available in Melbourne, Victoria and has a great reputation for their specialized blinds cleaning methods. We are the best for providing all kinds of cleaning blinds or cleaning curtains in Melbourne.